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We make bend insensitive fiber(BIF) cables with Bend-Insensitive Single mode Fiber (BISMF) and Bend-Insensitive Multimode Fiber (BIMMF), Standard products and Custom design available.


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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) specializes in formulating international standards related to telecommunication. In order to make optical fiber have a unified international standard, ITU-T has formulated a unified optical fiber standard (G standard). According to the ITU standards, the optical fiber is divided into seven types: G651, G652, G653, G654, G655, G656, G657, among which G651, G652 and G657 are commonly used today. Only G651 is multi mode fiber, the other 6 are all single mode fibers. Of the 6 types of single mode fibers, G652 is used most, of the 4 types of G652 fibers, G 652 d dominates the market today. The single mode G652 has developed via G652 a, G652 b, G652 c and G652 d, currently G652 d is the most popular single mode fiber, which is also known as OS2 single mode fiber, other G652 fiber models are seldom used now. G657 is the single mode bend insensitive series fibers, it has 4 types, the G657 a1, G657 a2, G657 b2, G657 b3. G657 a1 and G657 a2 are compatible with OS2 G652 d, however, G657 b2 and G657 b3 are independent models although G657 b2 and G657 b3 are far more better performance than the G657 a types.

In 2007, the world’s first bend-insensitive single-mode optical fiber was born, and the bend-insensitive multi-mode optical fiber was later born in 2009. Bending-insensitive single-mode fiber has the characteristics of non-dispersion-shifted single-mode fiber, and its bending performance is more excellent. The radius is 7.5mm, and its additional loss in the 1626nm window is only 0.8dB. Bend-insensitive single-mode fiber is suitable for applications requiring small bending radius such as FTTH high-speed optical routing.  Single mode bend insensitive fibers refer to the G657 series, now the bend insensitive single mode fibers are also used in data centers, generally the G657a1 and G657a2 are more used as they are compatible with G652d OS2.

ITU-T G657 is the latest version of the single-mode fiber standard, which defines the characteristics of bend-insensitive single-mode fiber. G657 optical fiber is mainly used in the broadband optical fiber access network of the telecommunications bureau and the fiber-to-the-home of apartment buildings and single-family houses. G657 includes two fiber types, G657A and G657B. G657A fiber complies with the current G652D standard, but its macrobending performance is about ten times that of G652D fiber. G657B fiber does not comply with any previous ITU-T standard, but it is a true bend-insensitive fiber, and its performance is hundreds of times better than traditional single-mode fiber and several times better than G657A fiber. G657A optical fiber and G657B optical fiber can be further divided into G657A1 optical fiber, G657A2 optical fiber, G657B2 optical fiber and G657B3 optical fiber according to the difference in macrobending performance. The macrobending performance of G657A2 optical fiber and G657B3 optical fiber is better than that of G657A1 optical fiber and G657B2 optical fiber.

With the rapid development of FTTx, a large number of multimode optical fibers have entered the room. Since the FTTX wiring environment is usually relatively narrow, multimode optical fibers must withstand high bending stress, especially when the optical fiber must be stored in an increasingly small storage space such as a box. In order to solve this problem, bend-insensitive multimode fiber came into being, and now there are a variety of bend-insensitive OM3/OM4 multimode fiber products on the market, and the minimum bending radius of these bend-insensitive multimode fibers can generally reach 7.5 mm. Installing bend-insensitive multimode fiber optic cables indoors can simplify installation to some extent, thereby reducing installation costs and reducing the risk of system interruption or failure. Multimode bend insensitive fibers are G651.1 series. Bending-insensitive multimode optical fibers have great bending resistance, which can effectively avoid link failures caused by fiber bending, which is of great significance for data centers and high-performance computer applications.

G651.1, G657A and G657B are bend-insensitive fibers specially designed for FTTH systems, but G651.1 multimode fiber has a higher data transmission rate in short-distance communication, so it is used in campus networks, enterprise networks and transmission distances less than In application scenarios such as 100m or 250m network links, it has better performance than single-mode fiber; G657A fiber can be backward compatible with G652D fiber, and can help save installation and deployment by realizing seamless connection with the installed G652D fiber cost. Since a complete set of installation solutions is required to deploy G651.1 optical fibers and G657B optical fibers, they cannot be compatible with ordinary single-mode and multi-mode optical fibers, so that the wiring is limited and the cost will increase accordingly. The advantage of G657B fiber lies in its excellent bend insensitivity, so G657B fiber can be considered when installing new network applications, especially in the network deployment of multi-tenant buildings, installers may face harsh conditions with very small bending diameters environment, and using G657B fiber can reduce unnecessary troubles.

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